How to milk a goat, or are we nuts?

How to milk a goat. It’s January 20th, 60 days from Nov 21, when our goat Genka got pregnant. 2 days later , her half sister Geneva got pregnant. So at 60 days, not milking, right? Well not so fast. We’ve lots to do to get ready. See, we have not done this before, and have no equipment or set up. About a month ago I started clearing out an area in the barn where we could milk. Certainly not the optimal location, since NYS requires a separate facility, drain, hot water, etc. But, I’ve been in a few barns that were really clean, especially compared to a dairy milking parlor. So, we’re going to milk in the middle of the barn, and I have built a milking stand. Got the diagrams from FIASCO farms, on the web. Easy to build, just followed the directions, and the cost was minimal. I used stuff around the barn. Most expensive item was the screws – Boy, are they! I’ve cleared the south wall, by the entrance and have some plans for that. But what I’m expecting soon is a milking machine. When will it be here? Check back. I have to pick it up at the post-office this weekend.