What’s new at Lavender View?

Yes, this is a new website format.


The English Lavender is now coming into bloom.  For dried flowers, you will want to pick pretty soon.  They get cut just before the tip opens up!  That will give you the maximum amount of color.  We will try and cut this week, probably around the 24th or so of June.

We officially opened up the season at The Fairport Farmer’s Market on May 2nd .  The winter was  good to us.  We were been blessed with a new grandson, our 7th  Carter and the heavy snow insulated our lavender.   We had minimal losses in the fields but did lose all of our plants overwintering in the garage.  That was Ken’s fault.   We are still clearing out some of the dead brush from last year, and certainly the weeds are back in full force!  Yes, this spring we did lose all of our chickens, 9 of them in one night.  We are still interrogating the resident foxes and coyotes to see who will own up to it.

Where to find us?  We’ll be back to the Fairport Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings in late July.  Right now are  gearing up to present at

Our stand at Fairport Farmer's Market

Our stand at Fairport Farmer’s Market

Corn Hill on July 11th and 12th, and Park Ave on August 1st and 2nd.

New Products have hit the stand!  We have a shaving soap just in time for Father’s Day, and have a new formulation for our massage oil that seems to be a hit as a moisturizer.   IMG_20150613_075040627_HDRIt’s replaced our lotion, which we are still having difficulty making.  Has Connie lost her touch?  We’re still thinking about new products and formulas.  Some new packaging is expected for Corn Hill.  Send along an idea if you have one.IMG_20150613_075028725_HDR

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