Just Breathe….

The smells this time of year at the farm are just incredible! Even as I sit at my computer, I am surrounded by hundreds of hanging bunches of lavender that fill the room with calm.  My infant grandson slept in this room last week and slept through the night! Never underestimate the power of  aromatherapy!

May and June of 2017 found us at the Fairport Farmers Market on Saturdays 7-12.  If you haven’t been to this market, it is a special blend of produce, flowers, and vendors – We always end up spending some of our profits on amazing baked goods and breads, locally grown fruits and veggies, local flowers, and special crafts and homemade items. We will have a varied schedule in July and August, and then be back to every Saturday in September and October. Whether we are there or not, we hope that you support the Fairport Farmers Market!

Corn Hill Festival was this past weekend and so much fun!!! The weather cooperated nicely and we nearly sold out of many of our products! Talk about smells- SO many people told us that they smelled our booth before they found us 🙂 The fresh bunches of lavender, cut the night before, plus our soaps (we certainly don’t skimp on the essential oil!), brought a large crowd to our booth. Thanks everyone!!

Park Ave Festival is up next!! Soap making is in the process, distilling tonight, and always cutting and drying lavender….the stress of running your own business is certainly  reduced by the smell of lavender wafting through the air 🙂 I am definitely too blessed to be stressed! Park Ave is August 5 and 6 and we will be set up between Buckingham and Argyle. Hope to see you there!!!!!!!

And… in the midst of all this fun, we are awaiting the arrival of our 11th grandchild!!!! Life is good:) Just going to breathe deeply and enjoy…you do the same!

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