About Us

Welcome to Lavender View Farm.  Connie and Ken Motsenbocker, along with their family, are committed to bringing fun, beauty, and a new experience to our farm, family and friends here  on Atlantic Ave.  We are located just east of  Monroe County, Rochester New York.  We’ve started a lavender farm, and are now looking to establish a small herd of dairy goats.

We are in Zone 4 to 5.

We sell home made lavender products, using as much of the products from over 1,000 plants here on the farm, and expect to be back to the Fairport Village market during the summer of 2012.  Our products are high quality and our plants are “all natural”. Some of the markets we sell at include : Corn Hill, Park Avenue, and Fairport Market. Our ingredients are high quality and natural with no artificial additions or augments. We take pride in our products because they’re the greatest quality at even greater prices. Be sure to visit our Products and Prices page for more information on our products.

We’d love to hear from you!  Check back to see what’s happening here on the farm.

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